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Melissa Hernandez

Licensed Massage Therapist, Reiki Master/Teacher, Qi Gong Level 1 Instructor, Empath, Intuitive & Spiritual Life Coach. 

Melissa’s approach to wellness encourages an all-inclusive focus on the mind, body and spirit with an emphasis placed on relieving the body of tension and stress.  She is dedicated to helping people of all ages and cultures improve their quality of life as well as the world that surrounds us.  “All bodies deserve judgment-free, safe opportunities in which to receive healing.” Melissa provides that space for each of her clients in addition to creating an awareness of alternative medicine services and resources, encouraging them to discover their potential for maximum health.

A personalized massage session is created to meet the individual where they are, that day, at that moment using a combination of Swedish and Thai massage techniques.   Reiki, aromatherapy, and vibrational sounds are often incorporated as part of her signature style, client preferences permitting.   

Sessions dedicated exclusively to the natural healing energy work of Reiki may incorporate breathwork, crystal healing, aura diagnostics, chakra balancing, guided meditation and/or spiritual life coaching.  As a Master/Teacher of the Usui System of Reiki, Melissa has been honored to work with many people on their healing journey by bringing aspects of stress reduction, pain management, emotional balancing and teaching others how to use Reiki thus promoting the full circle of giving and receiving.  She believes it is by teaching others that we may pass the light of Reiki and its proven benefits onward. 

Melissa is available to teach all levels of Usui Reiki to individuals, businesses or groups.  Classes are comprehensive and provide certified training.

Many in the Frederick community have come to know Melissa in her capacity as a Maryland licensed tax preparer and notary public, as well as her 20+ year contribution to the ever-evolving hospitality scene in downtown Frederick.  Those in our local Hispanic community frequently benefit from her written and verbal translation and concierge services. 

During the process of healing herself of a lengthy battle with chronic migraines she discovered the power of having a positive mind (meditation), food awareness (how the body reacts to the foods we eat) and most importantly a desire to live her life’s purpose.  Melissa promotes physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance to foster the body’s natural ability to heal itself.  These transformations are encouraged though Reiki healing, spiritual coaching and intuitive wellness strategies. 

“If you get the inside right, the outside will fall into place.” Eckhart Tolle

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Thomas Merrill

Tom’s signature style of bodywork most benefits those who have tried everything yet there’s been no relief in sight. By combining the best practices from Fascial Stretch Therapy, Strain and Counterstrain, among other therapies he is often able to gently resolve long-term issues which other modalities have failed to address.    Areas of Study: Zero Balancing, 2004 Licensed Acupuncturist, 2007 Trigger Point Therapy, 2007 Medical Qi Gong, 2007, Jerry Alan Johnson Ph.D., D.M.Q. (China) Craniosacral Therapy, 2007, Upledger Institute Strain and Counterstrain, 2007, Brian Tuckey Level I Fascial Stretch Therapy, 2016, Stretch to Win Institute Licensed Massage Therapist, 2016, Central Maryland School of Massage Tom is looking forward to advancing through levels 2 & 3 of FST™, learning Trager Work and studying Thai massage in Thailand. **The information in this website is presented for educational purposes only. It is not intended as a substitute for the diagnosis, treatment, or advice of a qualified, licensed medical professional. The facts presented are offered as information only, not medical advice, and in no way should anyone infer that we are practicing medicine. Seek the advice of a medical professional for proper application of this material to any specific situation. No statement in this website has been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Any service or product mentioned or described in this website is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. We recommend that you do your own independent research before acting on any information.**

Beth Johnson

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Cheryl Triantos

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Carrie Dennison

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